Would you like to just sell your car for some cash? Jay can help we at junk car towing can offer cash for cars in surrey Langley and around the lower mainland some for the city’s We service are Vancouver, Richmond,Burnaby, Abbotsford maple ridge, white Rock if you have a vehicle you need gone for scrap the lower mainland call jay at 604-889-4470.

Please feel free to call us for an offer . The information we would like to know about your car you are selling for cash is the year . Make and model of the vehicle. What is Wrong with the car truck or van you are selling.

If you like the offer we give you for your broken or damaged vehicle. We will then come to the vehicle location with a tow truck and some cash plus all the right paper work for you to sign the vehicle over to us .

The owner of the vehicle you are junking will need to be there at the time of pick up to sign the vehicle over and get some cash. If you can not be there at the time of pick up please tell us .

Are you in need of some Free Scrap Car Removal Service in surrey or Langley call

Jay’s junk car towing we can help

Do you have an old cash compete scrap car you need removed for scrap metal recycling we are the ones to call with our fleet for tow trucks from big to small we can tow them all. If you have just a shell for a vehicle left we may have to charge a Removal fee do to the vehicle shell may not weight that heavy please remember shell body are Made out of tin that is not that heavy with the average car body only weighting 2500lbs now take all the heavy stuff out like engine transmission suspension the heavy parts you do not have that much left in weight. Interior part are not recycled but or waste what we can recycle are the metal parts. I hope this helps in why we have to charge to pick up vehicle shells for scrap car recycling.


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