How much can I get for my junk car

The value in your scrap car is based on the weight of the vehicle. Some more things that we are look for are aluminum mag wheels. and Vehicle car battery’s. The condition may not be a factor. Because its going for scrap metal recycling. Many junkyards are looking for newer vehicle’s. That they can sell parts off of a newer junk car is a vehicle about 10 years old. So, if you have a newer scrap car for recycling. We may be able to pay more cash for your car for scrap car removal.

The value of your junk car is prices determined on international buyer market. And what they need to remanufactured into new projects for our needs.

Cars Wanted for Cash in Surrey Bc

We buy cars for cash. If you have a scrap car to have removed for cash in Surrey. And Langley Richmond too. we also go to Vancouver or Delta and Coquitlam. And as far as Abbotsford and north Vancouver. Our team for tow trucks can help you get your junk car picked up and towed away.

How to get my junk car removal without wheels

Do have a scrap car to have towed away for scrap. And it does not have wheels or you would like to have the wheels back. Because it as new tires on the vehicle you are looking to scrap.

Our tow trucks can tow the old vehicle’s way for scrap car recycling without wheels. You can remove them before we get there to pick it up for scrap. The best way if you are going to remove the mag wheels is to have the vehicle lowered onto wood blocks or on plywood. If you are going to leave the car truck or van on jack stand. Please keep it at  the vehicle on the lowest position.

The best way to not damaged your property is to leave the mag wheels on the scrap car intill our tow truck drivers get there. And we will load the vehicle on to the tow truck for removal. And we will take off your wheel for you. Please we need to know if you’re going to remove the wheels from your junk car before we get there. The price my change.

If you have a shell if a vehicle to be scraped will may have to charge so money have your junk car removed for scrap do to the vehicle not having Being heavy enough to recovery cost the cost of the remove.

How to get rid of an old car that doesn’t run:

It’s very easy to have your old car removed for scrap. If it doesn’t run.We will send a tow truck to your home or work place or even if it on the side of the road. We can do it. Our tow truck that we use are regular tow truck that help people when they are broken down on the side if the road. And they carry all the right equipment to do the job right the first time.

If your junk car is in the tow yard after an accident and you would like to junk scrap it. Instant of fixing your old junk. Is the cost of fixing going to be to high. We can come with our tow trucks and pick up your scrap car for recycling from the towing yard. And take it to the junkyard for scrap car recycling.

How can I get rid of old car in Langley?

Your think about have someone come and removal your old car for scrap we can help you with that some of our services are free scrap car removal Langley. And we do offer cash for cars in Langley.  So, give us a call at 604-889-4470 and see what your scrap car is worth for junk car removal. Our offers are done over the phone. The process is very easy some of the things we would like know about your junk car to have recycled. Are the year make model for the vehicle for scrap location of the vehicle for junk city like. Is it in Surrey or Langley. Could it be in Delta or Vancouver and maybe Richmond.Coquitlam. We go to Abbotsford and Mission. Maple Ridge ,Ladner ,Tsawwassen North Vancouver , White Rock, Cloverdale, Port Coqutilam. Are where we go.

Canadian government auto recycling programs

Why pick us for having your junk car recycled for scrap. We are a small location company full insured. Our service may be faster than a government recycling program.  You may have to tow your car to the Canadian government auto recycling program location at a cost to you. And our service we offer free tow away service.all the paper work need to be filled out at the time of pick up . No need to fill out  apply online approve application. And see if they will take your vehicle. One call does it all and we pay cash for junk cars on the spot. And we can retire your ride for you. Junk Car Towing will scrap it right and environment friendly legally having your junk car recycled.

Car Disposal Service for Cash

Our Scrap Car Disposal Service for Cash in Surrey Bc Is the best alternative to selling your old junky car on Craigslist for cash. Our scrap car removal service for surrey and Langley is fast. no need to list your old car truck or van in the classifieds and wait for someone to call or email you about your car and ask 101 questions about it and again wait for them to come over see if they like the car .having to let someone you do not know road test the car and not knowing  if they have a driver license or if they are a good driver and if they have an accident with your vehicle under your insurance. Not fun

We at junk car towing give quotes over the phone and we will come to you and tow that junk car away for recycling and pay you cash on the shot.

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