Why Choose Scrap Car Removal Burnaby. We are the Top Car removal Company in Burnaby. Our tow trucks are right for the job. We are fully insured and we have trusted tow truck drivers that know how to removal that junk car safety.

Scrap Car Removal Burnaby. Can tow away vehicles. If they in an underground parking stall and if they are not running. Or if its in your back alley no problem. 

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You can get some Cash for Cars Trucks or Vans in Burnaby too. Our Junk Vehicle Recycling Service. has been doing business in Burnaby for over 20 years. Doing the job right the first time.We are here to help the residents of Burnaby. Remove that junk car for free. Plus help you keep Burnaby clean and safe from old oil dipping and antifreeze leaking. So if you got a junk car let’s us scrap it for you and clean up your driveway. Please give us a call at 604-889-4470. Scrap Car removal Burnaby will be happy to recycle that old junk car the right away. Our Scrap Car Removal Staff Take pride in our job to do it right and safe the first time. Please feel free to call our Scrap Car Buyers for Burnaby and the Surrounding areas.

Cash For Cars

So You have a Car you would like to sell for cash. Here at Scrap Car Removal Burnaby. We can help just call one of our Junk Car Buyers. With the information on selling my junk car for cash. The information we are going to need to make a real offer on your car is What year make and model the vehicle you are selling  And what are the problems and if there is any damaged to the junk car. The is the Scrap cars mileage and if it is registered in B.c or if is an out of province.

The Broken Car We are buying of cash in Burnaby. Will Be payed at the time of pick up and all paper will be done at that time. So need need to worry that you will be running around all day sell your old damaged car truck or van. 

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