Welcome To Jay’s Junk car Towing and Scrap Car removal for Richmond Bc . if you are looking to have an old vehicle towed away to the junkyard . We can help you remove that your car and have it recycled. we are a small family own company. That take pride in customer service. we have the right tow truck for the job. And can remove your old vehicle damage free.

We do offer cash for cars in Richmond Bc. We pay by the weight of the vehicle and what’s the going market. Can Jay offer more money then what’s the going market rate? Yes. In some cases Jay can offer some most cash for your car. What We are looking for is newer vehicle. even if it damaged? Yes even if its damaged. We may be able to salvage some good parts if it . But it may not always the case. Please feel free to call jay at 604-889-4470. He will be help to talk to you about what he can offer.

Send you old car to the junkyard

Towing away your old junk car to the scrap yard Has your old car just sitting in the driveway for years? Well its not do any good just sitting rusting away. Why not send it to the junkyard to be recycled. And let your scrap car because reused again. We at Scrap Car Removal Richmond Can help in recycling your vehicle for scrap. Sometimes the vehicle can only be recycled for its metal.

Selling your car to the junkyard

Why Sell Your car to the junkyard. To get that free over the phone quote just Call one of our Vancouver junk car buyers and we will be happy to help you junk that car for Some cash. Some of the questions we will be asking are , what year make and model of the vehicle you are scrapping is And what is wrong with that Junk Car and if it is missing any parts. Please tell us if the junk car has flat tires Too. With the declining price of metal some of the cars we can only offer free removal.

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